How to Order

* I received a QR Card (A5 size) with a personal password - what do I need to do?

These are issued typically on the day of the shoot to each child. This enables you to enter your details on our system to receive early access to your child/s photo/s when they go live. Simply enter your name and email adress and click on 'Submit Now'. Once the images go live, you will receive an emailed notification with early preview thumbnails of your image/s along with a unique password for to view your secure photo account and start ordering.

* I received a Proof Card (A4 in size) with a personal password - how can I order my photos?

Each child will bring home an envelope containing a personal proofcard from which you can order their school photos either via Option 1: Order Online or via Option 2: Return to School.


To order online, visit our website which will direct you straight to the login page. Here enter your personal password. If you have more than one proofcard i.e. for siblings, see FAQ 1 below on how to enter all passwords so as to view all your images.

* Payment methods

ONLINE we accept credit and debit cards processed through the following secure providers Stripe and paypal